Why Jesus? The Reliability Of Bible – Josh McDowell

The Reliability Of Bible – Josh McDowell

Dr Josh McDowell
Best-selling author and speaker, Josh McDowell, has been at the forefront of cultural trends and ground-breaking ministry for more than 50 years. An articulate speaker, Josh has addressed more than 25 million people, giving over 27,000 talks in 125 countries. Since 1960, Josh has written or co-authored 150 books in 128 languages. The Josh McDowell Ministry, a Cru ministry, serves and equips the Body of Christ in raising generations of purpose-driven Christians who know what they believe, why it is true, and how to live it out. In the United States, Josh and his team have created many cutting-edge live events to help young people stand strong and firm in their faith in the face of a rapidly-changing culture.